Charcoal Diamond Brighten Mask Pack

We all know what it means to have a lighter and brightened skin contour and most of us spend hard earned bucks in an attempt to look the part!
MSM charcoal diamond brighten mask pack is a specially developed and designed product that has been tested extensively and has been proven to have the combined benefits of MSM and active charcoal.
The proven benefits of this unique product not only deeply cleanse but also act as a scrub for removal of dead skin cells, exfoliate the facial cells, remove black heads, safeguard against acne and pimples and are a natural treat for oily skin.
It has a lightening impact on skin and retracks melamin so that you look 2-3 shades brighter.
It has a soothing and cooling effect on your face and you can visible feel the difference with its regular usage.
Charcoal Diamond Brighten Mask Pack



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