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MSM based natural remedy to heal your Teeth. This Miracle Supplement gives you total protection against all your teeth problems. MSM with its special healing quality and natural tendency of cleaning, soothing inflammation and pain is helpful in Tooth Ache, Inflammation, Sensitivity and Gingivitis.

Ionic MSM Activated Charcoal Tooth & Gum Powder And Mouth Care

(MSM – Organic Sulfur Heal The Pain Properties)


MSM Charcoal Diamond Tooth Powder is a unique combination of activated carbon and organic sulfur. Charcoal is known to cure many dental ailments such infections and cavities, while MSM is known to heal gum diseases and toothaches as it is a natural pain-killer and antibacterial agent. The added bonus is brightening up of teeth. These properties of MSM and charcoal make MSM Charcoal Diamond Tooth Powder a must-have product for tooth care. Say hello every morning with MSM Charcoal Diamond Tooth Powder!

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