A company incorporated since 2005, is a member of Ionic Group (since 1985) focused on improving people’s lives through safe and hi-tech innovations.

Ionic MSM is committed to the notion of wellness and provides various products for beauty and personal care, skin enhancement, medical care, pet care, Arthritis and joint in inflammation and for many agricultural purposes. All our products are based on pure MSM and ensure authenticity and safe application.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is organic sulfur. The existence of MSM was discovered about 100 years ago. The significant discovery regarding its health giving properties however was brought to light in 1982 by the dedicated research of Dr.Stanley W Jacob of the Oregon Health Sciences University Portland, Oregon, USA. This naturally occurring compound can be termed as a ‘Gift of God’ since it is very beneficial in eliminating various deficiencies and health related problems.

IONIC MSM, with support of Global Wellness Foundation & Because We Care is dedicated to the purpose of spreading the
message of quality livig, wellness as the philosophy of life, natural therapy and a stress free, tranquil life in perfect harmony with the nature and the surroundings around us. In the times of increasing use of allopathic medicines which in many cases have been proven to be ineffective, MSM provides a better and safe alternative for a common man since it is both reasonable as well as quite effective without any side effects.

IONIC MSM’s diversified product range is made possible because of substantial research and development initiated by our top scientific experts. The distillation method used by us for purification of MSM is considered to be one of the best in the market. Ionic MSM is dedicated to providing the best quality products for health, beauty, lifestyle and personal care and pioneer the International Health Care market.