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A company incorporated in 2005, is a member of Ionic Group (since 1985) focused on enhancing people’s lives through safe and hi-tech innovations. Ionic MSM is committed to the notion of wellness and provides various products for Beauty and Personal Care, Skin Enhancement, Medical Care, Pet Care, Arthritis and Joint Inflammation and for many Agricultural purposes. All our products are based on Pure MSM and ensure authenticity and safe application.


The Powerful Healing Mineral

We offer a wide range of

Organic MSM Products

With MSM, you will love the skin you’re in!

You know more than 70% of what we apply on our skin, gets absorbed.

Ionic MSM brings to you 100% Natural and Organic Skin – Care products for you that your skin is surely going to love.

Everyday is gonna be a Good Hair Day!

Say Good-bye to Hair Fall & all Hair problems.

Now, Hair Care has become easier with MSM based Hair Products that will make your hair look beautiful, shining & healthy!

Natural Healing for Body Ache & Inflammation

MSM, an organic sulphur is a magical mineral in disguise that improves immune function, lowers inflammation and helps in restoring healthy body tissue.

Because bio-available sulfur is one of the more beneficial nutrients for overall longevity, it is also a popular joint health supplement.

Magical mineral for Healthy Teeth & Gums

MSM has natural healing power providing relief pain and inflammation from tooth related problems.

Best for dental ailments like gingivitis, severe tooth ache, sensitivity and also teeth whitening.

Goodness of MSM for your furry darlings

Organic sulphur – MSM helps in the formation of healthy skin, amino acids, connective tissue such as ligaments, & blood proteins giving your pet healthy hair, fur, bones, and stamina.

Charcoal – Natural Teeth Whitener

Charcoal is not new for India. Indians have a very old relationship with Charcoal, as we have been using it for teeth cleaning from some 100 - 200 years ago. It is also commonly known as activated charcoal or active carbon. Charcoal is a porous highly...

MSM – the ultimate hair solution!

Are you suffering from Hair thinning? Hair Loss, hair fall, hair thinning, baldness has been a constant worry for almost all of us. It is not only the hair that we lose; but we also lose confidence with hair fall. As it is matter of worrying, major brands...

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